Our Roots

Priority Landscapes is a full service commercial landscaping company locally owned and operated by Tripp and Monica Hamby since 2013. With a combined 75 plus years of experience throughout our team, we clearly understand how commercial landscape services are a critical investment in your property. We work with commercial properties throughout Central Texas to help them maintain a positive and professional appearance that reflects their individual brand and business image. At Priority Landscapes, we aim to enhance managers' lives with exceptional landscape services, allowing them to focus on their jobs with peace of mind. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving client assets sustainably, ensuring consumers feel welcomed and uplifted at our locations. We aim to positively impact lives by prioritizing well-being, asset maintenance, and creating welcoming environments. We make YOU our priority!

Core Values

  • Our foundation is rooted by the seed of integrity.
  • Planting and nurturing strong relationships.
  • Empowering knowledge, communication and support through the selection of our individual talents.


To enhance Central Texas landscapes in ways that captivate and inspire to bring our clients and communities closer to nature.


With our passionate team, we enrich lives by building strong communities and creating memorable experiences through restored and maintained environments.

Our Guarantee to YOU

Many companies talk about services. We guarantee it. The Priority Landscapes Way is a services of promises in place to ensure every client and community gets the same, high level of service.

The Priority Landscapes Way

Accountability – Communication – Integrity – Uniquely Strong Relationships.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Achieve a healthy, beautiful green lawn for your commercial property with help from Priority Landscapes of Austin.

Arbor Care

Proper arbor care (or tree care) begins with the innate understanding that tree trimming and pruning is not only important to the aesthetic look of your business, but also to the health of your trees. Different types and sizes of trees depend on proper trimming to promote healthy and desired growth. Our experts with years of experience of arbor care in Central Texas will take care of all your tree trimming, stump removal and tree removal services, all with the high level of customer care you except from Priority Landscapes.

Commercial Landscape Enhancements

Landscape maintenance services are a critical investment in your property. We work with commercial properties throughout the Central Texas region to aid them in maintaining a positive and professional look through regularly scheduled maintenance programs.

Water Conservation & Management

One of the world’s most precious resources is that of water. Water is something we all need to work together to conserve and use as wisely as possible. We take a common sense approach to water management solutions in order to effectively minimize your water consumption while maximizing your property’s overall aesthetic and value. Some of our water management services include:

  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Commercial Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Water Conservation
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